Hi and a big welcome to all.

It's always tricky a one, to write about yourself other than to state some basic facts. By the nature of any artistic expression it's all very subjective and what I think and feel about what I do isn't really that important to anyone else except me. If you like my work, which I very much hope you will, you will have your own reasons and tastes for doing so and don't need my encouragement to like it or not.

So what I can do here, is tell you a little about what it is about photography, particularly regarding, but not to the exclusion of other genres, Street and Candid photography, that really gives me such a buzz and keeps me on the constant look out for the next photo after more than 35 years as a photographer, including studying at college from '82-'84 and working in photography for the press, shooting weddings in both still and video (good money, but absolutely hated it!), and for a few years as freelance to the UK fishing magazines and tackle industry of all things.

So what gives me the buzz? Well, there's an inherent beauty in everything we do, as individuals, groups, communities, societies, cultures and as a species, from the dizzy highs to the gritty lows of life, from the most exciting moments imaginable to the everyday drudgery and mundanity that we all take part in. Objectively, it is all constantly filled with a myriad of beautiful moments that can only truly be seen and fully appreciated when frozen in a brief moment of time, and for the most part, it can only be captured with candidness and spontaneity.

 To delve into the depths and inner sanctums of our collective, yet uniquely individual, quirkiness, in the ways we interact with each other and our environments, with understanding, acceptance, compassion and empathy, along with a strong sense of aesthetic appreciation, requires a somewhat voyeuristic approach . . . . . . . . . determinedly direct, yet distinctly discreet.

 Photography is totally unique in that it is the one and only art medium with the ability to take the transience out of a moment of passing time. My aim is often to isolate choice moments from random sets of events in a way that meets my artistic inspirations, sensibilities and desires. At the same time I am fully aware that I do so to satisfy an unswerving drive to communicate in the world passionately, without the use of words, in a bid to portray our ways and project back to the viewer not always exactly what I see, but also how I see, and often how I feel. This in itself leaves me feeling exposed, as our photographs often reveal why we see things the way we do, as in reality, I am projecting myself through my photographs. Having said that, I feel this is balanced well by the fact that when we view photographs, we all project ourselves into the interpretations we make of them . . . . . . and there lies, for me, one of the key attractions to creating and viewing photographs.

 I am in total control at my end, they're my photographs, I can tell my stories and channel my emotions through them, but that's as far as it goes, as I have no such control at your end, as the viewer. In a sense they then become your photographs, because you own the stories you attach to them, you own how you relate to them, and you own how you choose to see them, all of which is of course, controlled and shaped by your own emotions. Therefore the possibilities seem excitingly endless!


Self Portrait - Symbolic Movement

"Self Portrait - Symbolic Movement"