Recent news


Exhibition and Book.

I'll soon be announcing an upcoming exhibition in Nottingham to accompany a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds through pre-orders for my recent book "The Mind's Eye Through Glass".

I'll also be publicising it as much as possible via social media of course.


New Camera Equipment, whoot, whoot!!

After using the Fuji x100s for the past couple of years and being very impressed with it's durability, as well of course, as the outstanding images it's capable of capturing, along with an ever decreasing desire to carry my bulky Canon DSLR gear around. I decided to go mirrorless and dump the DSLR system altogether. 

The x100s is restricted to, an albeit cracking, 23mm f2 fixed focal length lens and I wanted more versatility and craving my favoured wideangle angle of view. So I've now upgraded to a Fuji Xpro2 and just one lens so far, the absolutely freakin' brilliant  Fuji 16mm f1.4, that has an angle of view comparable with a 24mm on a full frame sensor.

This combination simply astounds me, it really does. 

Pictures to follow.